British Type Hose Clamp

British Style hose clamps are based on the BS-5315 specification. The three-component design produces a robust clip optimizing free torque, with high final torque and the strong material allows the use of a thinner band, thus giving band flexibility that readily conforms to the shape of the hose. British type hose clamps are widely used in civil residences, office buildings, workshops, port terminals, power stations (water, coal, nuclear, photovoltaic ), terminals, railway stations, bus stations, stadiums, hospitals, schools, etc.

Liên hệ

  • High mounting force.
  • Worm friction is small, suitable for medium and high-grade models, pole equipment, pipe, and hose or anti-corrosion material parts connection.
  • The material including Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, and the nuts also with these two materials.
  • The Main Market for UK and European and Middle East market or as clients demand.
  • Edges are rounded without hurting the hose, the twisting is smooth and reusable.

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