German Type Hose Clamp

German Type Worm drive hose clamp Use the open internal and external circle structure, and with screw fixed. It is effectively to solve the problem that when a small diameter soft tube connects the hared tube, it is easy to appear dead angle and liquid or gas leakage problem. The non-perforated band protects the soft-hose surface from shearing during installation. And the worm drive clamp is necessary for all kinds of hose interface tighten connecting fittings. German Type Worm drive hose clamp is commonly used in automotive, industrial, mining, marine, and general hardware applications.

Liên hệ

  • The German standard hoop clamp is made with precision, not only the appearance is beautiful, the sealing effect is very good, and it can withstand a certain pressure.
  • The German standard hoop clamp is easy to install and disassemble, saves installation time, and improves work efficiency. It can be used many times and is not easy to be deformed.
  • German standard clamps provide a variety of hoop clamp types for different needs, corresponding to a variety of sealing rings, suitable for a wide range of applications, can completely replace the flange connection.

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