Heavy Duty Strength Hose Clamp(Double Bolts)

Double Bolts and Double Bands Super Hose Clamp having double screws providing it a high clamping force. Stainless steel heavy-duty double bolts hose clamps have a double band making it a very strong heavy duty clamp. Contains 2 bridges welded onto the clamp band for optimal hose protection. Contains 2 pairs of solid metal rollers which complement the strength of the double band. The Stainless steel heavy-duty double bolt allows for easy fitting on prefixed hoses.

Liên hệ

Advantages of Double Bolts Heavy Duty Hose Clamp:

  • The outer edge of the band with smoothing and shaping treatment precludes the damage of the hose.
  • Using high-quality material and precise stamping molding prevents thread stripping.
  • With precise design, uniform stress, good sealing ability, can be twisted smoothly, and used multiple times.

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