Single Bolt Heavy Duty Clamp

Heavy Duty Hose Clamp With Single Bolt used on a variety of hoses for securing couplings and on to fixed pipework. Wide bandwidth and non-slip bolt mechanism ensure a secure grip when higher torque is required. The heavy-duty single bolt super clamp is an ideal fixing for flexible suction or pressure hoses.  The fittings are very precise so make sure that you order the correct size for your suction hose or pressure hose.

Liên hệ

  • Bolt –8.8 grade bolt provides high performance.
  • Reinforced band loops – ability to withstand much higher torques
  • welding spots-– ability to withstand much higher torques.
  • Bridge – hose protection.
  • Band with rounded edges – prevents injuries and damage to hoses
  • Material and size stamped on the band.

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